Giving Back

We provide the IT and digital marketing services to DreamCricket Australia on a volunteer basis. DreamCricket gives primary age children with special needs an opportunity to play cricket.

As well, $5.00 in every $100 of our gross earnings is donated to the charities below.

Water For Life

We take the availability of clean water for granted. I once heard that in some places people spend over 80% of their waking hours looking for water to drink. Once you have easily accessible fresh water to drink you have time to.....

School For Life

Basic education provides everyone with a start to make a better life for themselves and family. SchoolForLife provides classrooms and teaching facilities in Uganda and disadvantaged areas. Once someone has basic education they can then....

Here is the link to the ABC 7.30 report on Annabelle Chauncy one of the founders of School for Life. 7.30 Report Interview


As a small business owner myself I want everyone to experience the freedom that business ownership brings. Kiva provides micro loans (from as little as $25) to individuals around the world enabling them to start businesses of their own.

If you would like more information
on any of the charities above please contact us.