etherFax DR

etherFAX Disaster Recovery (DR) is built for ideal business continuity and works to ensure there is never any downtime for your organisation.

Reliable Fax Service

  • Ensures fax communications are fully operational
  • Proprietary technology and world-class datacentres in Australia, Asia, America and Europe
  • Can be utilised to supplement on-premise fax infrastructure
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution
  • Easily configured to provide immediate failover of fax communication
Protection from Disasters

  • Organisations that maintain on-premise fax systems cannot afford downtime
  • Protect yourself from technical failures, catastrophic events and natural disasters
  • Ensures up-time when existing equipment fails
  • Four nines reliability
  • Built-in redundancy eliminates the need for duplicate phone lines, fax boards and servers

Business Security

  • Ideal for business continuity initiatives
  • Manage high-volume, peak overflow fax operations
  • Easy setup for fax communications
  • Completely secure and confidential (Defense-in-depth)
  • No busy signals; never lose a fax
Lower Costs

  • No phone lines needed to purchase and maintain
  • Only pay for faxes sent and received through etherFAX
  • Fax is scalable and grows at the pace of your business
  • No purchasing of additional fax boards
  • Minimal upfront costs