Simplify security, stay productive.

Concerned about confidential information being lost or stolen?

“With Microsoft EMS you can be sure who is accessing and sharing content, such as precedents and work product, and enable your solicitors and support staff to make better decisions.”

With so much data being stored on smartphone and tablets you run the real risk of having confidential client data lost or stolen, not to mention your IP or work product leaving when one of your staff decides to start up their own practice.

Microsoft EMS provides a Pandora’s box of value for your firm!

Prevents unauthorised access to client information.

Encrypt file servers to prevent inappropriate data sharing.

Improve firm profitability with single sign-on.

Identify suspicious network activity in almost real time.

Protects work product and firm intellectual property.

Reduces I.T. support costs.

Ensures all devices are locked down and secure, wherever they are located.

Allows employees to work away from the office in a highly secure environment.

This is a comprehensive, cost-effective, single-vendor solution to easily manage access to resources, while protecting confidential corporate or client information.

Employees want to use their own smartphones and tablets at work. Easily manage all the devices and PCs in a firm including iPhones, Android and Windows devices.

Identity and Access Management
Easily manage identities across the firm. Only one password to access all the firms resources.

An employee with access to the practice LinkedIn page leaves the firm. Disable access to all company resources with a single click. Great for temporary staff.

Device and Application Management
Manage and protect your firms data and applications on almost any device.

Employees email confidential client information to colleagues. Protect information wherever it goes so the receiver of the email can’t edit, copy or print the email’s contents.

Information Protection
Encryption, identity and authorisation to secure firm data and emails across almost any device.

Your firms server is hacked exposing client data and information. Detect breaches early using automatic threat and behaviour analysis.

Advanced Threat Analytics
Identify suspicious activities and advanced threats in near real time.

Secured, flexible access to company resources. Layered protection against data theft or loss. Low licencing and implementation costs.

Why Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS)?

One proven solution to secure your corporate information.

Unmatched protection for information assets; i.e. your devices, applications, staff and data.

Costs half of competing products.

Find potential risk areas for data leakage with our free App Discovery Service. Secure your data – we can arrange a free trial!