Practice Resilience

Protecting Your System

Testing Your System

What is it?

Practice Resilience is the capacity of your firm's IT systems:

  • - to prevent the occurrence of disrupting events;
  • - to allow you to continue operating when such an event, whether a cyberattack or other disaster - flood, fire, theft, power outage, occurs.

  • It comprises two elements:

  • Security
    • Secure the front door
    • Secure your information
    • Secure your devices
  • Continuity
    • Backup your data
    • Work from anywhere

Secure the front door

Over half of all attacks are now aimed at small business. Legal firms are very attractive targets. We use Microsoft technologies to provide you and your firm with enterprise-level protection against threats - and the reporting to prove it is effective.

Keep bad guys out Threat monitoring and prevention to block viruses, malware, ransomware, phishing, and spam attacks

Only let the good guys in Identity and access management for limiting access to business applications and devices

Show how you stopped them Automated dashboards to show incidents logged and threats prevented

Secure content

Rules for keeping personal and financial information safe are crucial for legal firms. Our services make it easy to maintain client loyalty and comply with practice rules and regulatory requirements.

Enforce who can open documents Document encryption, monitoring and remediation

Don't accidentally share confidential information Monitoring and enforcement for access to shared files in email and team sites

Encrypt firm data on mobile devices Separation of personal information and business information on phones and tablets

Prove that you've kept information safe Archiving and compliance reporting for email and/or backup and disaster recovery


Secure devices

Law firms often avoid using mobile devices or use them unprotected. Our suite of applications help embrace mobile productivity without worrying about security exposure.

Secure every employee device Endpoint security monitoring and remediation for laptops, PCs, tablets and phones.

Ready-to-use secure devices Device as a service offering that includes hardware support

Don't let corrupt devices talk to your system Corrupt device quarantining and download prevention

Lock down lost or stolen devices Remote wipe of devices


In the event of a disaster or successful cyberattack you can ensure your firm is not disrupted and still available to work and assist clients.

Office 365 data backup All your email, contacts, calendars, OneDrive and Sharepoint files backedup automatically

Restore systems Restore computers and devices within minutes

Work from anywhere Keep the firm operating no matter where you and your staff are working from