Practice Resilience

Protecting Your System

Testing Your System

The JurisIT Continuous Vulnerability Assessment Service (VAS) is the most comprehensive service available on the market today. Make your entire IT environment secure, from mobile devices, to desktops, to cloud services.

Using our platform and service you can:

  • Identify gaps in your security process
  • Identify and respond to compliance violations
  • Identify and repel threats to your systems in real time

  • Identify and remediate vulnerabilities
  • Discover and remediate BYOD mobile devices
  • View and monitor your virtual environments

Discover and Act

Detect the presence of known malicious processes and viruses on the operating systems that your business uses and deal with them before they damage your business.The detected malware data and found vulnerabilities report enables the mitigation and repair of the most critical and imminent threats.

Compliance and Patch Monitoring

Achieve real-time compliance monitoring to meet IT and regulatory compliance mandates such as PCI DSS. Our service includes business ready audit policies to ensure the integrity of a broad range of physical, virtual and mobile assets. The assets that Meridian can monitor include OS, database, network gear, applications, web applications and more.

Malware and Virus Detection

Detect the presence of known malware on the operating systems and applications that your organisation uses and deal with them before they damage your business. The Audit report enables the mitigation and remediation of all of the threats in a prioritised format.

Vulnerability Management

The Meridian service enables and assists compliance and risk managers in their duties by uniquely bringing advanced navigation, filtering and workflow management capabilities, and applying these across combined scan, sniff and log correlation data.

Organisational Intelligence

Vulnerability Assessment provides actionable security intelligence to your organisation enabling you to strategically apply your capital and manpower in securing your computer infrastructure.

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